Realizing you could be pregnant is nerve-wracking…especially if you are currently in school. You probably have a lot of questions:


What are my options?

Is it even possible to get through school with a baby?

Should I terminate my pregnancy?

How can I balance pregnancy and furthering my education?


Being pregnant and a student is difficult but possible. Here at Clarity we can help determine your options, resources, and best path forward for you.

Maybe you are not ready to talk to your parents yet or are hesitant to go to the doctor because you know their insurance will be billed. Actually, young women are considered as adults as far as getting help with reproductive matters. That includes our services. It is against HIPAA regulations and Clarity Solutions’ policies for anyone to know about your medical records without your consent. You can also receive all of our services at no charge, no insurance to worry about.

However, considering parenting, abortion, or adoption is a big choice to tackle alone. At Clarity, you are welcome and encouraged to bring a trusted friend, adult, or relative to your appointment if you desire.

There are rights as a pregnant student and student-parent you need to know about. Title IX ensures that any high school or university that receives federal funding cannot discriminate against students who are pregnant and/or parenting.

You have the right to stay in your same school and participate in all school activities. You also have a right to change schools and enroll in independent study, a G.E.D. program, or adult educational classes too. Reasonable adjustments, like a larger desk and pregnancy-related absences, are your rights. Any scholarships or grants you received cannot be revoked upon pregnancy or birth.

There are hundreds of resources available to you as a student that is pregnant or parenting, we will touch on just a few local ones. Here at Clarity, we have an array of medical services that a free to you like:

If you choose to become a parent, we also have a program called Aspire that you can enroll in until your child is one year old. Aspire includes:

  • Ongoing resources like diapers, clothing, a carseat, among many others.
  • Free parenting classes used to earn resources on topics like infant CPR, healthy relationships, and breastfeeding.
  • Help on having conversations with your friends, parents, and community about your pregnancy.
  • A mentor to help you with a graduation or work plan…or any other goals you have!

In Hardin County, there is also financial assistance for daycare available to you! Perhaps you are not local, many counties and towns have similar programs we are happy to connect you with to ensure you thrive as a student and parent.



There is a lot to consider if you are a student and think you may be pregnant. We can help you learn about all your options- abortion (and it’s different types), adoption, and parenting. From there, we can provide the resources you need. Schedule an appointment now and know that you do not have to sacrifice your education and personal goals. We can help.