Abortion Alternatives

You had plans… A baby wasn’t one of them.

If you’ve recently taken a pregnancy test or missed a period, you may be concerned about an unplanned pregnancy.  You have so many questions – what are my options?  Do my parents have to find out?  Can I continue my education? What about me?

Clarity is here to help.

Our center offers lab quality pregnancy tests, accurate medical information on pregnancy and abortion, and compassionate support during this critical time in your life.

If your pregnancy is confirmed, we also offer complimentary ultrasound exams to determine if your pregnancy is viable.  (A natural miscarriage occurs in about 1 in 4-5 of all early pregnancies.)   An ultrasound will also tell you how far along you are and rule out a tubal pregnancy (a life-threatening medical emergency).  It’s important that you learn as much as possible to come to an informed and confident decision.

We’re here to listen.

We’ll guard your privacy.  We won’t judge you.  All our services are free because we don’t want to profit from your problem.

Contact Clarity… Solutions For Women today at 270-234-1122 to schedule an appointment.

We want to help.


“It was very easy to talk to the women and have no judgment.” –A.
“The care and services provided far exceeds my expectations with each visit. Everyone seems very caring and give great individualized care.” –T,
“Feeling of serenity at every turn.”–M.