What is "Insaka"?

“Insaka” is a Zambian term describing a traditional open hut in the middle of the village.

It served as a kind of “town hall” and often at the end of the day, villagers would meet to talk and share meals. It was always a great place of learning for both young and old. Insaka is a Bemba word for “place to gather” or “a place to come together”. An Insaka is a structure which is similar in Western thought to a gazebo. In Zambia, these structures have significant social roles in traditional village life. The young generation would come and listen to “Tushimi” (traditional stories) and learn how to live as wise, responsible adults.

What does "Insaka" have to do with the Men of Clarity?

The Men of Clarity are coming together on the second Monday of every month to TALK to each other, EAT some good food, and LISTEN to an older man share what they have learned so that we can endeavor together to be good fathers and good husbands.  In short, to be good men. 

It is a simple notion, but if we are committed to it…we will better ourselves, better our families, and become the men we were created to be as we…  


Insaka is a place where we pass knowledge from one generation to another…

– Rev. Edward Mwanza

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