If You Are Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy, You can call us now

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Join The Mens Clarity Mens Program…

So, she thinks she is pregnant?

You just found out you are the father of a baby. Clarity mens program exists to help you in that situation. We understand it is a big deal when you find out your girl is pregnant.

We want to help you through the big decisions in those first few weeks of finding out.  We are not promising it won’t be hard.  We are not saying that there won’t be challenges.  But we want you to know that you are not alone…we’ve got your back!

So, you are gonna be a Dad!

We are also here to help you with parenting classes, one-on-one mentoring, couples counseling, and connections with other community resources. There is a brotherhood of guys here at Clarity, and together we are figuring out this “Dad” thing together.  

To be clear, no man is perfect…but all of us men can make a plan to better ourselves for the sake of the loved ones that look to us for support and leadership.  It is not where you are…it is where you are going that matters.

"I needed this, thank you."


"Thank you, it was good to talk..."


"You all have been so friendly..."


"You have helped a lot already."


There is a brotherhood of Men gathering
here at Clarity,
With each other’s help, we are figuring it out…together.