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Last week we unveiled our big plans to give the men’s program a new face- all the same good training and support, but in a new format geared specifically to make dads out of dudes.

So what is this new initiative? We’re calling it AIM.

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Launching this fall, the goal of AIM is to create a brotherhood of fathers. The first step?

Basic Training for Dad

Basic Training is a series of four one-hour group meetings, each with a unique emphasis, with classes most Mondays at 5pm. These sessions are fun, constructive, hands-on, and introspective. After four sessions of Basic Training, you can be confident that you will walk away with basic dad skills- primed and ready to start the #DadLife with a few tricks up your sleeve.

These sessions will focus on:

  • The importance of sacrificial love Your lady will swoon when she sees the deep and sensitive side of you doing the dad thing by nurturing the growth of your family. During this session, we will learn some practical advice on sacrificially loving your family.
  • Provide + protect • A dad is to be a safe, stable, and secure presence in the home. During session two, we strengthen those internal “dad muscles” that maybe didn’t know you had…just call it body building on the inside! We uncover how to act like men, do hard things, and be strong and act in only a way we can as dads. 
  • Stand firm • All this may seem impossible, and it is, if you don’t have a firm foundation on which to build your family upon. During the third session of AIM, we will discuss what keeps us grounded when being a dad gets hard…how to stand firm.
  • Watch • Awareness can change everything- the big picture is a big deal. This world is HARD and life can be brutalwhich is why we will spend our last session learning to look out and be ready for the destructive things that try to ruin our families.

Why all this?

Because our families are worth it.

They are worth our sacrifice.

They need a tactical dad.

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With this Basic Training for Dad, and the whole AIM initiative, we are moving past what holds us back so that we can be good men who the spend time and effort needed to be the best dad we can be.

Are you:

  • Done with the status quo?
  • Ready to step up as the man your family needs?
  • Willing to sacrifice?

Do you:

  • Want to be trained and equipped as a dad?
  • Need to learn how to do hard things?
  • Want to enjoy hard-fought victories?
  • Need other men, “battle buddies”, to come along side and train and fight with you?

Well then this is the training for you. Because that ⬆ is the purpose of AIM. Being a dad is one of the hardest things you will ever do…it will be a challenge.

But we’re up for that challenge- because our kids’ futures are worth every sacrifice.

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