So… What is Clarity?

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A question we hear all the time:
“So… what is Clarity?”
Clarity Solutions is an amazing place (#biased ?). Even before I worked here, I knew about Clarity but truly had no idea how incredible and multi-facetedthis place was until I started working here. Because I am our Nurse Manager here in Elizabethtown, I’m most familiar with our medical building, so I wanted to tell those who may not be as familar with all we do about the services we offer. 

Our Locations

Did you know we now have two locations where you can be seen for your medical appointment? We have a location at 816 State Street in Radcliff as well as 105 East Memorial Drive in Elizabethtown. We also have a Client Services building in Elizabethtown where classes, mentoring, and a variety of other services are offered!
Our Etown Location • 105 E Memorial Dr.

Our Etown Location • 105 E Memorial Dr.


Our Client Services Building in Etown • 116 E. Memorial Dr.


Our Radcliff Location • 816 State St.

Our People

We have several licensed nurses here at Clarity they are all simply wonderful and so gifted and knowledgeable. I am confident they are the reason for our overwhelmingly positive reviews (over 95% positive!). Not only do they conduct our medical services but they are a listening ear and compassionate shoulder to cry on. It is truly a privilege to serve with this group!
Our nurses-

What We Do

We offer lab-quality pregnancy tests administered by a nurse for FREE. We also provide a ton of information on all of your pregnancy options. Whether you plan to parent, place the baby up for adoption, or terminate we can answer your questions and provide helpful, accurate information. At Clarity, we also provide limited obstetric ultrasounds which can determine how far along you are in your pregnancy, can measure the fetal heart rate and confirm your baby is growing in your uterus. 
In addition to pregnancy information, we can also educate you on different matters of sexual health like Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Come see us here at Clarity. I’m confident you’ll fall in love with our team and free services just like I have!
Allison Kyser

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