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What is "AIM"?

First of all, AIM is for those committed to the #DADLIFE.

AIM is a brotherhood. AIM is training and teammates, a place of encouragement and challenge; all available to help you as you become a Dad.
We’re all in this together and together we can all do this!

AIM is for those Fathers who want to be

more just a Baby Sitter…they want to be Dads!!

The AIM Men’s Program at Clarity is here to help you with the following:

    • Dad’s Basic Training*

    • Parenting / Couples Classes

    • Optional Fatherhood Specific Studies

    • Special Training (10 Session Stepping Up Series)

    • Weapons Training (14 Session Wild at Heart Series)

    • Dad Coaching

    • Couples Counseling

  • Dad-centric events such as our Monthly Men’s Fireside Gathering called “Insaka”

* The AIM Basic Training is required for all fathers to earn points with any other Clarity class, meeting, or event.

How do I become an AIM member?

There is a brotherhood of men gathering here at Clarity, and with each other’s help we are figuring out this “Dad” thing together. Our AIM Men’s Program provides some of the tools, resources, & relationships that all of us need as fathers to step up and be the “Courageous Dads”…the “Warrior Fathers” that we are all meant to be. We want to equip you with the tools, training, and strategy to be a successful “Tactical Dad”.

To be clear, no man is perfect…but all of us men can make a plan to better ourselves for the sake of the loved ones that look to us for support, care, and leadership.
It is not where you are…it is where you are going that matters.
AIM exists to help you, so join today.

To Join:

1. Fill out and Submit this Online application.

2. Call Clarity at (270) 234-1122 to be scheduled for an AIM interview.

3. Have a successful interview.

4. Complete the 4 Basic Training Sessions at Clarity.

Then you’ll be presented a Custom AIM Coin at our monthly Insaka FireSide Gathering and will then have all the rights and responsibilities of a full-fledged AIM Member.

Click the application button below and get started.

I am meant to be active, involved, and present, in my child’s life.

Everyday, I show up to the “Dad life”.

– AIM Member

Want to know more about "AIM"?

Want to know even more, give us a call.

(270) 234-1122