Why AIM Men’s Program is worth your time.

By March 21, 2019Men

Before we get started, if you’re unfamiliar with AIM, it’s the men’s program here at Clarity made specifically to equip and train guys to become great dads.

Why is it worth your time you ask?

Because it’s needed. And it’s actually working.

The Need

In a Father Facts report, 1,000 adults were polled and asked about the role of fathers in America:

“7 out of 10 people surveyed believe physical absence of fathers is the most significant family or social problem currently facing America.” 1


“99% of fathers agreed that being a father was a very important part of who they are, and 94% “strongly agreed.” 2


Many guys today have become passive. How do you know if this is you? Or perhaps your parter?

I am not trying to point fingers. In fact, these are all things I have wrestled with myself. Being a man in today’s world is hard– our society has failed to challenge, encourage, and support men in the role of fathers. It’s because I have struggled with some of these same issues that I am so excited about what we do here.

Our AIM men’s program strives to provide teaching, resources, and friendships in a way that is relevant and actually works. We start with “Basic Training”- 4 group sessions that focus on the basics of being a dad. After Basic Training, dads become a full-fledged AIM member which gives them opportunities for additional training, one-on-one coaching, and brotherhood events.

In short, we want guys in the AIM program to get to the place where they can confidently say that they are following the AIM oath.  

It’s Working

Here are some recent reviews of real men in our community who are a part of AIM:

“Nothing has taught me more about what it means to be a real man than AIM!”

– H

“(AIM is) one of the best programs, I am happy that I joined. They really took the time to help me out and to help me understand so much more about parenting and what I can do to improve the skills that I already have.”  

– R

“AIM is not just a class, it doesn’t end when the session is over. AIM is a brotherhood, a brotherhood of dads young and old that are there for each other when we need each other.”   


Interested in learning more about AIM or want to jump right in to our next 4 week Basic Training? You can learn more here and sign up here. Or feel free to call me personally.

Can’t wait to do this dad life together.

  1. Source: National Center for Fathering. (2009). Fathering in America. Kansas City, KS: National Center for Fathering.
  2. Source: Glenn, N., & Popenoe, D. (2006). Pop’s Culture: A national survey of dads’ attitudes on fathering. Germantown, MD:      National Fatherhood Initiative.

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