When life feels like a February.

By February 28, 2019Food for thought, Health

It’s the last day of February and let me tell you, February is hard. Here in Kentucky it seems we’ve had a rainy and gray kind of winter that has dragged on for months. And if it wasn’t raining, it was icing. If it wasn’t icing, it was snowing. But no matter the weather, it was always just… gray. I don’t know about you, but my spirits have been down lately. I’m beyond ready for just a little light, some sunshine to cast away all that gray.

Ever had seasons in your life like that? Where you feel like there is no end to the awful? Ever feel like your life is like a February?! Because we all do!

Some days, weeks, or even months it’s just hard finding energy to get out of bed in the morning. Add to that the strains of everyday life- like feeding babies at 3am, going to work at 6am, studying for class well past midnight, or strained friendships/family relationships, and soon those gray seasons can seem insurmountable.

Making the gray days not so gray.

But you know what has helped me recently? Friends. Not just casual “Hey!/How are you?/Oh good./K bye!” friendships- I mean true, genuine, no-holds-barred friendships with women who love and cherish me in the sunny times and in the dark times. Though my circumstances haven’t changed, and the gray winter still holds on, my friends have been the warmth my soul was desperate for. When I can’t see my way ahead, these friends have held my hand as I try to blindly feel my way through the darkness. With them I can be my honest, truest self, and it has helped me put one foot in front of the other. Because let’s face it, sometimes life feels like a February.

That’s why here at Clarity we have a mentoring component of our Aspire Program for new moms. These mentors are simply friends who are on your team on the good days, bad days, and the days filled with raging pregnancy/postpartum hormones 😬. They can offer needed perspective when you feel like you just. can’t. take. another. day ((aka: fussy feeding/sleepless night/crazy boyfriend/crazy family member)). They offer no judgement…just lots of love and sunshine.

Depression is real.

And sometimes that sad week turns into a month and a month turns into much longer. We can work with that too. Postpartum Depression is real. You’re not crazy if you’re feeling signs of sadness, fear, anger, or anxiety after birth. You could have PPD. We also partner with a wonderful local counseling agency that can help you dig a little deeper and offer hope.

And even though winter seems like it’ll last forever, spring really does come (March 20 is the official first day of spring, but who’s counting?). Just like our tough times, trees that seem lifeless now will sprout buds in just a few days! We will see the blooming on the trees and in our life if we don’t give up!

The winter can seem long but spring is coming. And we’re here no matter the season 💛.

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