Valentine’s Day pt. 1

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Who doesn’t know someone that loves to hate Valentine’s Day?  Every year we hear:

“It’s a Hallmark holiday. It’s singleness awareness day. It’s so commercialized.” 

And while I love any chance to show my family I love them, I have to admit that I, too, am a Valentine’s Day Grinch 😬. There is something about the way the holiday is packaged that is just wrong to me. If Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, chocolate, overpriced greeting cards, and sexy lingerie, count me out. Well…never count me out of chocolate.  

But what if we reclaimed Valentine’s Day as a celebration of non-romantic love…a celebration of friendship?!? The best friendships feel like you have come home. Now THAT is something worth celebrating! C.S. Lewis wrote:

“Friendship…is born at the moment one man says to another ‘What? You too?’”

I have so many amazing friends who could use some extra love right now and there’s not really a calendar reminder to give it (unlike Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc). I mean, when was the last time you did something for your best friend(s) other than resorting to another Netflix night or pushing off your brunch date just one more week (err…month)?

So this Valentine’s Day we want you plan something more meaningful to let your girls know how much you love them. Each one is uniquely special and deserves uniquely special appreciation every now and then!

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Valentines Day can be hard for some if they aren’t in a relationship. Maybe that is you…maybe that is your best friend. But love and acceptance is never dependent on being in a romantic relationship. So we challenge you to host a dinner party for your friends who don’t have romantic plans. Our recommendation? Comfort food- homemade tacos, your grandma’s fried chicken recipe, or budget-friendly pasta. Oh and don’t forget dessert

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Chances are you probably have a friend who’s struggling with loneliness or depression (or maybe that’s you). Speaking from experience, when depression hits you tend to think no one wants to hang out with you. The best gift for this friend is telling her you love her, that you aren’t going anywhere, and that you are here for her. Ask her what she needs, and if she can’t tell you anything, just get your fanny over there and spend time with her. If you’re the one in a hard season, do what you don’t want to and reach out to a friend for February 14th plans. You may dread it, but spending time with friends always helps.

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Often a new baby can make a mama worry her friendships will become awkward, especially if she is the first one of her friends to have a baby. Every mom I know has felt out of the loop socially and confined to her house while figuring out naps and feeding schedules. So this Valentine’s Day, ask her what she needs and make it happen. A nap and shower? Come over and watch that baby. A date night out with her man? Gift card for her + more baby snuggles for you. Girls night? Bring dinner, a movie, and the gang and come to her. Laundry? Do every. single. load. Let her know she is loved and important ((and that this newborn stage won’t last forever)).

As we get older, between school/career/romantic relationships/kids, it gets easier and easier to neglect our friendships. While this is a normal part of life, remember: good friendships are worth the work. You are going to have to love them when they have a month, or year, where they are being unlovable. You are going to have to go clean their house when they are moving. And you are going to have to call them back at 9pm when you’re exhausted because it’s been two weeks since you’ve caught up. But NO ONE can replace those girlfriends.

This Valentines Day, make plans to show them  how much you care. ❤️️

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