The unplanned pregnancy that changed the world.

By December 24, 2017Food for thought


Unplanned pregnancy.

Instant fear and confusion.

Other’s whispers.

Family and friends who tried to heap on shame and guilt.

Fear her fiance would leave.

But more than all of that…



You’re not the only one who discovered they were pregnant when it was the last thing on your mind. You’re not the only one who wondered how it was all going to work out. You’re not the only one whose plans did not quite go as expected (hellooo giving birth in a stable). The Christmas story isn’t just for church people. It’s for anyone needing hope. No matter how hard this season for you is, how scared you may be, how much you are smiling on the outside but constantly thinking about how to deal with this pregnancy…there is hope. There may be something happening even better than your original plans.

One unplanned pregnancy changed the entire world. One girl’s bravery and willingness was used to bring us Christmas. Willingness to push aside her fears. Willingness to ignore the stigma of having a child when you aren’t married ((when she knew the real truth)). Willingness to be used…to believe in something bigger.

Your unplanned pregnancy is going to change your entire world. Your bravery and willingness is going to bring another into the world. Willingness to push aside your fears. Willingness to ignore what your family and friends may say. Willingness to believe in something bigger.

There is hope and peace for you. Merry Christmas. ❤️️
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