10 reasons why we are thankful for YOU this year.

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It’s the week of Thanksgiving. Your Instagram is probably filled with pun-ny captions ((because you know we’re all about that baste)), family pictures, and friendsgiving posts littered with hashtags #grateful + #blessed. And as much as we love a good pun and absurd amounts of turkey, we’re actually most thankful this year for our clients…yep- YOU.

Not because you have it all together. Not because you look adorable in your family Thanksgiving photos. But because you teach us about strength every. single. day. And because you are insanely brave and tough and SMART.

Here’s just 10 (of the hundreds) of ways you’ve shown us this:


  • You loved him so much. But knew (for many different reasons) he was not a good man. And you cried so much, but you ended it…so that one day you can love a good man. That was really, really hard. We don’t know if we could have done it.


  • You were honest enough to admit that you were terrified and unsure when you saw those two pink lines. You admitted that you didn’t know if you were ready to be a mama. It takes a brave woman to admit she feels scared and weak. But your honesty enabled you to truly explore all of your pregnancy options.


  • You stepped up to be a dad. When it wasn’t cool to use your extra money for a crib…when it meant you had to pick up a second job…when you and your girlfriend/ex/wife had to learn fast how to communicate better. That’s real manhood.


  • You cried in the bathroom when you realized your baby wasn’t in your belly anymore. You told someone even though it was so painful. You had to pick yourself up and go back to work that week. We cried with you and marveled at your strength.


  • You finally admitted you had a problem. You went to rehab. You worked your tail off. And now- it’s definitely not easy, but because of your bravery, you and your family have a real shot at happiness. That’s amazing.


  • You didn’t think you could make it work as a teenage mom/new mom/mom of 2 (or 3) (or 5). But you sacrificed and asked for help and did the dang thing. That’s a real #girlboss. Thankful you went for it.


  • You didn’t think anyone cared, or that it mattered, but you came clean to someone about the sexual assault you endured. And you gave others a chance to love you right where you were. And they did care, because it does matter. #WeBelieveYou


  • You were so surprised… and shocked… and mad, but you decided to rally around your daughter when she broke the news that she was pregnant. You told her you loved her and supported her no matter what in a moment when she needed it most. That wasn’t easy. We know it made you doubt yourself as a parent, but you chose to push those doubts aside and be her biggest cheerleader.



  • You didn’t want to be pregnant. You knew you weren’t ready. And you didn’t “give your baby up”- you chose adoption. Because it’s not giving them up, it’s a choice to give them what you can’t or are not ready to. We know your heart- it is not rejection, it’s an unconditional love that has prompted you to put yourself last for something far, far bigger. Your selflessness inspires us.


Your year has not been perfect. But you’ve kept fighting.

And if you happen to be reading this and are not a client but a friend or supporter of Clarity, can you believe how awesome these women and men are? We get the privilege of walking beside them in some of their darkest days…we’re the ones that are truly #grateful + #blessed.

And if you our one of our gals (or guys!), we hope you are thankful today, because we sure are thankful for you. ❤️️


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