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#me too

Know what we LOVE? All of the women (and men!) being honest and vulnerable about their experience with sexual abuse and harassment.

To all the #MeToo posts, we say: #USTOO.

Sexual abuse and harassment are never okay- by a passerby on the street or by your long-term boyfriend. And, no, we don’t think you are being dramatic, not effecting change, or not really hurting.

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We work with women in crisis situations every. single. day. who have been abused, objectified, and used (like so many women out there). No matter how many accounts of abuse and harassment we hear, it gets no less heartbreaking. But we tell them, and want to tell you, that there is hope. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem, because there is. But this evident problem does not mean that every man will abuse and harass you. When you experience this so many times, it is so easy to lose hope that anyone will truly value you- body, um yes, but also your beautiful mind and soul.

To the men who have believed us, spoken up, and fought to respect women, we see you. Thank you. You are incredible. 

And to the women who are hurting, you deserve a man like that ^. They are out there. Don’t settle for men who don’t value you, who hurt you, who manipulate and coerce you sexually.

We get it. You have never known a day where you haven’t been on guard at the gas station, where you haven’t ignored someone looking a little too long, where someone has been quick to complement you physically (and never your skill or intelligence). If you have given up and settled for an unhealthy relationship because hurt is all you have ever known, don’t grow cold just yet. There are some men out there who get it. And thank goodness for that.

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