Dads need dad friends.

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Spit up on your shirt? Doing dishes for your girl because she was up with the baby three times last night? Skipping the game because you want to see your kid’s t-ball game?

Know who totally understands? Dads. Every dude needs a brother in arms to understand, a friend who is a dad and has his back.



Hey guys, I am Jack Daniel Taylor. I am the Men’s Director at Clarity Solutions. You may ask what I am doing working at a pregnancy clinic. Trust me-it’s not for the constant talk of last menstrual periods and urinary tract infections. It’s for you- dads. Every time I have really screwed up as a dad was when I was trying to do it all on my own with no outside help. So dads and soon-to-be dads, I want you to know, we can figure out this dad thing together.

Another way to put it is that we can’t do this dad thing without community. We need to have a “Band of Brothers”- a group of men around us that have our backs, who get it when you have to skip the Saturday hunting trip to go to your daughter’s cheer competition. Heck- they even encourage it.


We all need to see other dads fighting and providing for their families too. We can’t do it alone. That is why the guys at Clarity (Both E-town and Radcliff Campus) get together every Monday night at 6pm- we need each other not only to survive…but to thrive.

So dads, come and hangout at the Clarity Man Cave/Garage 6pm every Monday night at 105 E. Memorial Dr (our e-town campus). You may find us working in the garage, playing some pool, throwing some darts, watching the game, working on the bike, and whatever else we decide to do. AND DON’T FORGET…. the most important event: “Insaka” – 2nd Monday of every month.

We are just trying to figure out together how to be good fathers…in short, to be good men.

Don’t be like the dude below. Don’t go it alone.


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