Sex…what are you charging?

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Whether you think you do or not, every woman has a price in her mind for sex (and we are not talking money). Intrigued? Check out this video:

Insane, right? This video has some pretty interesting claims. I had never thought about sex and economy before I watched this video (who am I kidding?…I never really think about economy at all ?), but it totally made sense to me.

The craziest part? How sex is either cheap or expensive based on the “price” that we, women, set. In my experience, that is completely true. We as women have the opportunity to give (or withhold) what guys want (umm… SEX!) and because of that, we decide what price we are willing to set for it. 

Cheap sex.

Guys can get sex from some women for just a few drinks and compliments. And society has said this is normal and that one-night-stands are just casual fun. No matter what you think you want or what society says, nothing about someone only wanting your body without your mind feels romantic or sexy. At all. In fact, it feels pretty cold and cheap.

Pricey sex.

On the other hand, sex can be as ‘expensive’ as requiring a life-long, monogamous commitment. When you know your man will be with you ‘til death do us part,’ for us ladies it really allows sex to be a truly beautiful thing. A man who wants every part of you- your heart, soul, body, and mind….that? That doesn’t make for cheap, cold sex at all.

You are worth the pricey sex. The priciest sex. You don’t have to give it away for cheap- you hold so much more power than you realize. Your body (and emotions, and feelings, and heart strings that come with it) is worth a lot. At the risk of sounding cliche, you’re pretty priceless. And if you are worth that much, then your sex is worth that much. 

Every. Single. Woman. owes it to herself to make sure that any sexual relationship they are in is one they can feel good about not only for tonight, but tomorrow, and a lifetime.

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