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Yes, Porn is bad • Part 2


We’ve already talked about what makes porn so awful.  If you’re late to the game, go read part 1. You will be shocked at how porn is actually rewiring our brains. As if damaging our brains wasn’t enough- pornography hurts people. It hurts its’ viewers, our relationships, and countless women and men in the sex industry. Porn hurts real people and real relationships.

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*stats from xxxchurch.com

A global problem affecting people all over the world

What so many of us don’t get is that porn is commercial sexual exploitation (it’s a business ALL about the money), and fuels the illegal sex trafficking industry. Pornography not only creates but reinforces the belief that women and children can be used as sexual commodities. Oh, it also profits from this too. Think about that. 

A heart problem affecting those closest to you

As people consume digital porn it creates an unhealthy framework for their sexual expectations and behavior in real relationships.

Research reveals that many women experience trauma when they discover their partner’s porn use. Male pornography users also often demonstrate compulsive behavior and other mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. These real-life challenges have made intimate bonding and long-term satisfaction in relationships increasingly difficult for couples, which means more divorces, separations, and break-ups.*

Porn Programs our brains to think-


The numbers simply don’t lie. Porn is harming your brain, your people, and feeding the frenzy that is the sex trafficking industry. If somehow you have denied it before you cannot now- porn use IS a growing problem in our society. And if I may be so bold, if you are using porn:



Only bad can ever come from it!

And if you find that you are addicted to porn, seek help.  There are a lot of resources for those struggling with a porn addiction. Make sure to check back for Part 3 where we will talk about how to get clean and stay clean.

We are in this together, we will achieve victory together.

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*Source: Sexual dysfunctions among youth men: prevalence and associated factors (2012), Jz Health


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