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Kate Mulgrew, Joni Mitchell, Clark Gable…ALBERT EINSTEIN.

What do these people have in common? Believe it or not, each one of these celebrities at one point in their lives conceived a child they chose not to parent.

Yup, they chose the a-word. Nope, not abortion, they chose adoption.

Notice how I didn’t say they “gave up their baby for adoption”? Believe it or not, though we hear this phrasing all. the. time. in regards to adoption, it’s completely inaccurate. If you’re not ready or don’t want to be a parent, making an adoption plan is not “giving up your baby” but instead, it’s a courageous choice for a really amazing future for YOU and your child.

Check out this adorable couple who chose adoption:

SO much about this story is amazing. For starters, this couple made it! And they have the benefit of seeing their daughter grow, without the responsibilities of parenting when they weren’t ready. Secondly, a wonderful couple who didn’t have a child, but desperately wanted one, got the joy of being her adoptive parents. And their precious girl got a chance to do all the things little girls get to do – giggle, play dress up, be loved.  

Every pregnancy represents three separate choices: parent, abortion, or adoption. If you’re considering abortion, did you know that adoption and abortion have many similarities?

adoption allows you to-

And, by the way, it is 2017- adoptions are no longer seen as a shameful secret where kids discover their birth parents 21 years later in a dramatic and heart-breaking Lifetime movie. Many adoptions are “open” or “semi-open” that allow birth parents to receive information about the child as he or she grows, or even visit your child once a year.

adoption allows you to- (1)

Almost daily here at Clarity, we hear a laundry list of reasons of why someone would never consider adoption even though they desperately do not want to be a parent and are completely on the fence about an abortion.

“It would be too difficult.”

“It would make me a bad mother to have a baby and then ‘give it up.’”

“I would be humiliated for the world to know I am pregnant.”

But you know what? Adoption is beautiful and brave and admirable. Hard? Yes. But so is parenting. So is abortion (just Google “abortion physical and emotional side effects” and pick one of the thousands of articles that come up). Plus, adoptive families are amazing.

At Clarity we can help you understand your options with adoption, and get you connected with reputable adoption agencies that could walk you through every step of the process. Don’t hesitate to call us or make an appointment if you have questions about adoption.

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