This one minute video is everything ❤️

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We wish we could bear-hug every mama out there who is:

  • Working two (or three!) jobs trying to make ends meet.
  • Running her kiddos to every ball game, girl scout meeting, and tutoring appointment.
  • Constantly listening to naysayers and trying to stay positive.
  • Reheating her coffee for the fourth time today.
  • Going back to school to make a better life for her + her family.
  • Locking herself in the bathroom just to get two minutes of peace and quiet.
  • Scraping the bottom of her dried up mascara tube because she would rather spend the $10 on diapers.
  • Functioning on less than 5 hours of sleep.

…BUT, this video will have to do. Thanks for taking risks to be a strong woman and not listening to the people telling you that you can’t – you’re the real heroes.

Video via Goalcast featuring the amazing Taraji Henson.

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