The dirty truth about condoms…

By April 18, 2017Uncategorized

condom in pocket

Have you ever thought about condoms? Do you use them? Do you use them every single time? Do you use them properly? Many people use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there is a less than 5% failure rate when condoms are used correctly. In this post, I want us to take a hard look at “safe sex” by using condoms and I want us to realize that condoms aren’t always providing the protection we may think.

I stated previously that condoms have a less than 5% failure rate, which is true, but in order for that to be accurate they have to be used correctly. Surprisingly, 40.7% of people report experiencing a condom failure!  That’s a huge percentage. If that happens, there is a chance you’ve just been exposed to one or more of several STIs: genital warts, HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, or even cervical or oral cancer. While some of these can be easily treated, others you have to deal with for the rest of your life.


Another thing to consider is, what if your condom breaks and you miss your period? If this happens, call us. We will give you a free lab quality pregnancy test and talk about your options. We are here for you!

Condoms CAN be a great tool in preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancy, but the key is using them properly. Here at Clarity, we think it’s important for you to look at the whole picture. We want you to have all of the information, the correct information, so that we can empower you to make BOLD choices. If you would like to talk more about this, give us a call today.  One of our awesome nurses would love to sit down and talk with you. Remember, you are strong and Clarity is here for you!

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